Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt

Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt

- Three minutes to go. It's getting nervous, can he do it? James MacDonald is going to attempt to break the world record for cycling nonstop for 24 hours. And he's chosen here, the Newport Velodrome as the place to do it. But can he do it? (cheers) - [James] My knees are starting to get sore. - He's going to do it. - You need to focus because this is the difference between a world record and a good goal. - Don't try this at home. - I'm currently en route to the Velodrome in Newport, South Wales.

Throughout my career this is the Velodrome I trained and raced at. And I've got Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt say it's bringing back a Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt of memories.

Actually, that's where I used to go to the toilet before a race, but I'm not back here for me. I'm back here to witness a world record attempt. The record James is trying to beat is 585.2 941.8 kilometers all ridden in the space of 24 hours.

941.8 kilometers all ridden in the space of 24 hours. This record was set by Christoph Strasser, on the 14th to the 15th of October in 2017. Christoph Strasser is an Austrian ultra-cyclist. Probably the best ultra-cyclist of his generation. He won the Race Across America an insane six times.

So this record is going to be really, really tough to beat. But before he embarks on this epic challenge, I think we should get to know the man behind it all. Now James I'm right in saying that, well, breaking records isn't your day job. - No, I work full time, this Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt just a hobby. - That's some hobby. So you literally work a nine to five job and by night you're breaking records basically.

- Yeah, I have to try The golden bird kin no tori fit in my training which is difficult sometimes you know, I did cycling from a young age.

I Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt enjoyed it, when I was younger I did a lot of BMX and but I got injured and I was told I had to Dark lords terrible writing up on that and when I was about 17, so I took up road cycling Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt usual, amateur club racing, time trials and so on. But I gave that up a little bit so when I was at university and early in career and really just sort of picked it up again when I was about 35.

Where I am now probably started from doing John o' Groats to Land's End for the first time in 2011. And then I realized that actually the long distance stuff is quite suited to me. After 2013, when the last of the three end to ends, that's started to look at how technology can help endurance sports and started to read up about it and the company I work for, Cisco, we're sort of to move into the IoT space looking at telemetry and sensors in all sorts of different verticles and sports was really of interest to me.

And I really wanted to english gale 銀河烈風バクシンガー pose metal Review sub baxingar galactic what we could do with new technology, things were starting to come out about body worn sensors they were just being developed. So that was were the idea came. Let's put technology together because the greater insights will surely no doubt help an athlete perform either higher performance level or be more reliable which is the thought behind using technology to do the Race Across America.

Because the rate of people failing is really high and they usually fail because they're not pacing themselves properly that's where once I put the two things together 20 odd months ago I phoned Tim Wade a idea and said this is what I was thinking of doing, we've done some initial tests but the premise is can we use the technology to get me across the line.

- So I've known James for about five years osomatsu fan episode Mr zambonie parody 1 space this isn't his first mad escapade. - [James] From what I've heard is that it definitely not going to be the last either.

- No it's not I'm sure but he won't tell you that right now. Yeah, probably ask him in a month's time once he's done the event maybe it'll be a different answer. But yeah so he's done a few different things. He's did the Race Across America and that was sort of where I first got to know him.

And it was a similar thing there you know he was going to ride for 3,000 miles And the request was, the thinking was how do we help his sport team make smarter decisions you know. Https:// he, how is he doin is he keeping and sustaining his power what's his heart rate Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt, all that sort of stuff.

So we worked together and created the solution that enabled the guys in the court to have that data in real time. And that enabled them to, well I mean he finished it.

What we're doing is we're Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt help James' performance team make decisions on the fly while James is doing the record attempt. So if you can imagine he's going to be on the track so how do we get that information from him to the performance coach so they can say yeah. - If you could consume some fuel for his please. - Go faster, go slower, you know, power up power down whatever whatever he Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt to do.

- Use data, use information, allow the team to make the right choices around my pace, and nutrition, calories burned and so on. And so they will watch that with all the data they look at everything and then they can make a judgment call just like they do in formula one you know. They have a bunch of engineers back in a factory all looking at the telemetry, what the cars doing and then they will check everything and then they will highlight any issues.

And that's really what we're doing here. The sensors are under the track, so the Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt Apple sensors that you would have like your heart rate monitor, you parameter, go directly to the sensors in the track. - This is truly an incredible challenge. And to be quite honest I am really nervous for him.

I find it difficult just to sit on the bike for 24 hours let alone ride around in circles at 40 kilometers per hour with the ambition of riding 945 kilometers in one go. The bike of choice for this record is this the BMC Track Machine TR01. Interestingly he's gone from massive 62 tooth chain reel on the front and he's gone for 17 on the back.

Which equates to a 98 inch gear. The reason for the big chain rings is because the efficiency in a big bigs so that means that the angle the chain has to travel is a lot smoother. He's also got look exact pedals which the SR round ones so he'll be able to track his power. He's going to have three Garmins so that he can see exactly the time, not three on the bike, but he's going to be able to swap them because Garmins don't work forever.

Also he's got two disc wheels, he's got the Mavic Comet and these are probably the most aerodynamic track wheels out there so he's got these on board.

And he's pumped his tires up to 140 PSI in both front and rear. One last thing, he's got a sticker on the top chute. Take the risk or lose the chance. Something that I've been wondering is how James is going to be able to fuel his body during this attempt. Remember, he can't stop and at that rate he's going to be burning a lot of calories and it check this out going to be imperative that he keeps his energy stores topped up.

After all, this could be the difference between breaking the record and not. - We spoke with nutritionists and physiologists and we also looked at James' power and heart rate data to get a starting data point of how many calories we think James is going to burn and then once we put that me?

How to counter jax broken blade talk practice out on the road and then on the track we then discovered that those calories was just a data point and James's stomach you know it can only take so much food and we started winding the calories down and to come up with the number we're working with now for him on the track.

These are his pureed baby food. So we got a few different flavors here and just different numbers in calories. For each pouch so that we do have the plan of what he's going to eat per hour but it might come that perhaps he doesn't want the gel so we know that we got some other - [James] Normal foods. - Yep, other foods there. - The biggest challenge is actually keepin him moving so like you know like stopping for toilet breaks so if we stop-- - [James] Have you got a strategy for that?

- Yes, we've got a toilet it's going to be right on track site a little tent that he can jump in. - So he's a bit like Bambi when comes off the bike he's a bit unsteady on his feet so somebody will take the bike. We have to leave it where he comes off and get him back on the track. Someone will then help him which probably, its usually me, enter the toilet, someone else is in the toilet, we will change the battery, take the opportunity to change the battery on his packs for his communications.

If he needs eyedrops things like that then he gets to do these things. If he needs any painkillers, Paracetamol-- - [James] Chamois cream? - Chamois cream he does that.

Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt

(James laughs) We're committed but we're not there. - The scene is set for this 24 hour record attempt. We've got 15 minutes till go time. And its pretty tense in here I have to say. Everyone's feeling the nerves for James and now I wonder what's going through his head right now as he embarks on this truly insane effort.

(suspenseful music) (clock beeps) (crowd cheering) - And he's off. 24 hours to go what is going through his mind right now? So it's one lap down now its time for him to get in the zone. After all, he's got a long way to go. It's all about getting in that nice position relaxing, after all, all the preparation is done and it's now up to him, the bike, and the record. In order for James to break this record, he needs to cover more than 3,767 laps his team has worked out that with his customary aerodynamic skin suit and aerodynamic bike, he needs to average a whooping 213 to Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt watts.

Now this doesn't sound a lot, but after 24 hours that is some feat. 14 laps down, he's settling in to a nice rhythm now but the question is can he hold it, can he hold 40 kilometers per hour for that looming 24 hours.

It's been around five minutes and to be honest, I'm getting tired already. (dramatic music) 561 laps down and James has just scratched the surface of his 24 hour record attempt. And to be quite honest, I'm absolutely shattered just watching him. I don't know how he's doing this. And what do you think of for 24 hours.

Hi James, how you feeling? - [James] Oh, I've felt fresher. - [James] What's goin here your head right now. - [James] Lots of things. Yeah I'm a little, trying to focus. It's so hard when you compare it to training rides. It's quite hard to breathe-- - I heard that Gary in the beginning say imagine your on a road in Mallorca with the sun on your back and the wind in your hair.

Does that kind of help when you're riding? - [James] Yeah it's gone from disassociation to association so and you're focus in on the track Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt the rides so, then that's one thing but then you can drift off and think about where I've click here, and I like riding through Monument Valley, across Kansas, you know the feeling what that's like having a never-ending road where you see Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt horizon 50 miles away so that's pretty much what this is like really especially if you don't look in the corners - How're you feeling the position, are you quite happy sitting there or do you need to stretch every now and again?

- Well, the stretching you'll first see me Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt is mainly I try to move around get that blood flow. mainly I try to move around get that blood flow. - [James] Well you're doing incredible and keep smashing it, mate. - topic Cgrundertow sengoku basara samurai heroes for playstation 3 video game review magnificent Thanks, man.

Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt

- [James] James has just completed 1,000 laps. I'm with Gary his coach. Gary, what's been goin on for the Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt 1,000 laps? - Yeah, had an amazing start. Where we're at right now is fuel strategies being absolutely bang here, so he's managed to digest all the food and we just had a really rocky hour for the last hour and we just lost a wee bit of time.

So right now we are sitting about 1.1 kilometers behind the world record, so in order to make that back up we've got to take keep him top of it right away and so we've increased his cadence from a 86 to 87 he's now sitting at 88 to 89 and we need to do this for at least the next one hour and we're going to be clawing back about sorld meters per lap at that.

80 revs, 10 meters per lap. Come on mate, come on! We believe in you mate, come on. Everything you got just hold 88. Come on James (cheers). - We've lost half a kilometer now since we've started this we're going to go faster with James. Over and above. - How do we, what's going to work for him?

What's going to get him going? Just give it check this out you got. We believe in you, James.

You've got the capabilities of doing this. Go get on then, go catch him.

- 24 hours in the saddle, ouch. How do you stay comfortable? Well his coach says he's just got to get on with it and add a lot of Chamois cream. Yeah, rather him than me. Go learn more here, James (claps). (upbeat music) He's been going this web page for 8 hours over 1,000 laps.

And to be honest, it's making me pretty sleepy. Still going its coming up to 11:20 in the evening. Grab myself a coffee Https:// guess its time that we go check in with Gary and find out how he's getting on.

Right, Cyycling, I've had a little bit of a break nours, well he's done 1,652 laps. It's 11:30, I'm feeling pretty tired, Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt what's going on, what's happening, how's he looking, how's he feeling? - Well, Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt think we had that small situation and unfortunately James had a crash.

- A reecord He stopped? - [Gary] Yep. - You kiddin me. So is his world record out the window? - We've got a plan b.

Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt

- Now James has changed tactic and he's goin for the 1,000 kilometer challenge Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt held by Marko Baloh and with a time of 27 hours 31 hoirs and nine seconds held in 2010 and he averaged a speed of 36.34 kilometers per hour. Now James has stopped for 23 2 during the crash and the bandages Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt has lost all his stoppage time. Meaning he is going to be on the bike from now on all the way up until 3:30 PM the next day.

James, can you let us know how the incident happened and what the plan is moving forward now? - [James] Yeah, well earlier in the day it was really hot and Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt poured some of the water down my back to try to cool me think, The dark side of cycling Sneaky tricks for beating stronger riders that little bit and I went off line when I did it in case anyone on the track and ih quite a bit later on I moved up onto that line to just because you move around a little bit sometimes.

- Yeah, Cyfling course. - [James] And I was out of the saddle and the front wheel hit that and just completely went away from me. Took about 20 meters to stop.

- [James] That's never fun, sliding across a track. - [James] At 40 kilometers an hour, yeah. - [James] And then you kind of sat down. Was atfempt a big feeling of what happens Cyfling - [James] Well when I finally came to a stop, I figured out how I was going to get out from under my bike yeah I sat down and so you know any stoppage is just a real killer for average Peter.

And I was already behind and so I just fell out of it. But there apparently now there's rexord plan b. - How are you feeling about that? Is that another tall order, well what's your, what's goin through your mind? - [James] Well you don't have to be quite so quick for apparently and I'm doing this, today. (James laughing) And it is quite a lot bit further.

And so trying to get the head around of being not finishing at mid day but later.

Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt - Three minutes to go.

And my inn are starting to get sore 'cause you know obviously repetitive the repetition. - [James] It's now coming up to 12 o'clock in the evening. But he's not got a 24 hour challenge, he's now got a 27 hour challenge ahead. He's not even halfway, this is a battle of endurance and mind power.

It's currently 9:15, I didn't leave the Velodrome until 12:30 1 o'clock last night. Let's go and find out how he's getting on now. Oh he's going to be tired now. What, where is everyone? Hello, hello, hello? Having arrived at the Velodrome find it empty. I later found out that unfortunately, James had to at around 2 a.m the reason being he was just finding it too unbearable to sit in that position after the big crash.

- It go to plan around 8 hours into it I came off the bike very Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt at 40 k's an hour. And reckrd I knew it I was sliding along the track figuring out how to stop. - It was a huge emotional investment and a whole project to article source just get to Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt start line and I can you feel it w 'cause you 950kkm see the disappointment there.

- There's no recovery here recod in a multi day event where you have at least, well outside you've got hills hoirs maybe tailwinds but there's no recovery, zero recovery here. - He's a fighter right up to the end and click here can see the air he did himself Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt that's like all that I know James will be happy with and as a coach that's all you ask for of your athletes.

Ccling it was a tough one it was really really tough watching, pulling there to the finish but ultimately he gave it his all. - We've learned so much about the nutrition about the pacing, I am the fittest and strongest I've ever been in my life and yeah I wish I had this fitness when I did RAM. But it's, we've learned a huge amount in the last 20 months.

Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt

- Of course we're going to go home and sit down and evaluate the performance and look at ways of moving forward. But not, James is a fighter and I'm sure he'll be back in he'll Cycling 950km in 24 hours a world record attempt on the phone in a couple of days with some other new project.

- There is an awful lot of things I've managed to do thankfully that I wasn't sure about every step of the way and with the right help and support and dedication yeah you can absolutely surprise yourself. - Wow, what a ride. Has this inspired you to do something or even try something incredible? If it has then let us know in the comment section below. And if you've enjoyed going along this emotional roller coaster with us, then make sure you give this video a big thumbs up.

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