Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10

Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10

Attack on titan season 4 has been confirmed! This final season should definitely make anime history. So what's up guys Foxen here! You heard that right attack on Titan is going into its final season which is coming 2020 fall anime season.

I do expect this final Attack on Titan season to be the longest but I'll touch on this more after the actual episode so go ahead and leave a colossal thumbs up and subscribe for more anime videos. Ring that bell so YouTube actually sends you my here. Also will be at anime Expo this coming 4th of July weekend.

I'm attaack gonna be doing autograph click the following article on the first day July 4th 1 p.m. table 3. I'm also thinking about doing a smallish meetup let me know down below if you're going and weason Anyway let's go ahead and get started.

Right at the start of this Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 atttack touch on two Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 I saw a lot of people confused by in the past episode.

Let me try to further clarify. The first confusion being about Eren's titan. Eren right now actually has two titans the Attack Titan and Founding Titan.

Keep in mind Grisha got the Attack Titan from Eren Kruger. Grisha then stole the founding Titan from the Reiss family. This means Eren got two Titans for the price of one aprt a colossal bargain! And then the second confusion about how Eren could actually activate or use the Founding Titan power. Let me just double it down by saying that Eren needs to touch a royal blood Titan.

I see so many questions about why Eren just doesn't get a little bit too friendly with Historia that's simply touching Historia should give Eren full access. Historia while still a human would not be enough.

Eren back in attack on titan season to touch the royal blood Dina titan to temporary access the Founding Titan power. This really goes into why Eren is keeping the secret to himself who knows what the government might do. If they knew perhaps they will consider sacrificing Historia by making her a Titan if necessary. That way Eren will be able to use the Oceqn Titan power to control the wttack colossal Titans. Keep in mind the only other royal blood person you do know in confimed anime is Eren's lovely monkey brother the brother from another mother attakc war chief Zeke.

This episode actually went back to that cryptic message about saving Seaspn and Mikasa. I have already done a video looking into this I am debating about doing another video looking into the supposed time travel timeloop topic which is this idea that has been around for years. It just goes up or down in popularity every few months I want to say. Anyway the seawon now shows Kruger again but this time panning over to the Sun.

Is that a Ymir reference?

Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 Attack on titan season 4 has been confirmed!

You know Titans being solar-powered anyway back to the throne room seen the anime here really hammers down who the true enemy is for attack on Titan at least for Paradise Island. Interestingly I have seen a lot of confusion from anime and manga readers recently about this.

At least for Paradise Island the whole world is their enemy. I'll just add my own words on top of this. You could really go ahead and take what was said in this episode at face value or think it over. From here on an Attack of Titan the question about who's evil and who are supposed to be the good guys it's not at all gonna be clear and you're really gonna have to decide that on your own especially going into attack on Titan in season 4.

Right sesson you do have to applaud the lovable commander Pixies. We gotta let the public know about this otherwise you really would be going back to what the Reiss family had been doing for decades. I like that Historia emphasizing sorry, Elegant yokai apartment life what point.

All of the people's memories were stolen once upon a time we're simply returning this lost knowledge. As for that public announcement also no surprise there was no outrage or no riots happening from this. I'm also thinking what are the past wall worshippers doing right now. Suddenly everyone's finding out that the world thinks you're all devils and hates you. Is this Paradise Island or freakin North Korea? Then for tea time with Levi and friends you really do titwn to love Levi just drinking that good stuff in his own unique way and definitely don't lie you know you tried this.

Perhaps even adopted Levi's Tea style. As for the older press gentleman here. This guy really did echo what should be going on in a good chunk of people's heads right now but actually there's whole mess won't end until the world wipes them out. The Seaosn Corps really needs to get a plan Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 attack ready. Unfortunately they're severely lacking intel.

Switching it back over to Seaeon and friends oh look a seaosn Hitch appears poor girl she just lost her man meet Marlowe and oh yes the douchebag Floch comes out this episode. Marlowe must have regretted going. Someone right here should have really smacked his face. Talk about being that almost socially awkward dude that says things at the wrong time. Poor Hitch and yes I could hear some of you typing. That Floch is supposed to be known for being that guy who tells that as it is perhaps being timee too blunt which really was Isayama's intention intention for this character.

I mean in the whole scene Floch was really echoing the thoughts of the higher ranking officials right behind him. No surprise all these guys would want commander Erwin alive instead of this blonde boy Armin. I still do want to do that Armen versus Erwin video. Who was the better choice? Maybe sometime next week after the anime expo go here is done. To give Floch some credit here this guy vonfirmed did have the Titan size grapefruits to stand up against Eren especially with Mikasa right next confirrmed him.

Oretty much verbally assaulting both of them but wait the cooing roasting session continued. Mr. horse Kony and potato girl also got a light burning too or Prat guess potato girl was excluded she was passed out.

That being said I do have to point this out for the coward cooing notice how he didn't choose to say any of this while Levi was around. It cofnirmed only until later that Levi came into the frame.

Hey cooing you want to repeat your little speech during into our next tea time. Hey cooing why are you walking away. cooing actually does have a great point about being concerned confirme moving forward without the commander. Even the blond boy Armin agrees why not the commander?

The question now becomes will Hange and Armin be able to fit those huge shoes left empty. As for Eren's encouragement here I really like how Eren borrowed Levi's line about not knowing what the future would bring. Then for mr. freedom over here every talk about freedom but he were to start thinking back to what started this whole adventure poor young Fay. Obviously this scene Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 extremely censored compared to the manga.

This being one of those times that I do not mind at all. Anyway getting into the medal ceremony out of around 200 scouts only nine survivors. Oh my god is that a Ymir reference cuz really a parallel to the nine Titans although you really have Eren playing double duty here. As for Historia looks like Historia perfectly used to her new role. That's right guys kiss the ring I mean kiss the Queen's hand good thing we don't Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 to worry about this Queen going crazy.

Then for Historia Eren's magic touch Oh sparks were sent flying on that day. This whole flashback scene here really from the uprising arc.

You previously saw a part of it but now you're getting Grisha's dialogue here. Turns out Papa Grisha didn't just show up to kill the Reiss family up until the very end Grisha tried to ask nicely but of course the King refused so Grisha was forced to make some Reiss family pancakes for dinner time. Then switching it to real time Eren must have had this extreme connection to his father's thoughts and memories.

You actually got a return of the raging Eren. Must take out this royal blood blonde girl. Anyway recall the Titan killer? It is almost kind of funny how actually wiping out all outside Titans had this extremely simple solution.

Hey guys why don't we gather all the Seasonn in one spot then drop something heavy on top of their head. It was either this or just have Levi bungy jumping 24/7 from the wall. As for everyone returning to all Maria my god the land here must be cheap oh and don't mind the Titan radiation I hope that's not a thing. I don't know about you but I think I would rather not risk moving back here if possible.

At the very least I'll confirked not inside of the district. Then for Eren here this guy needs a fricking haircut. He's actually starting to look like his lost Papa when he was younger now.

Eren just don't start cutting yourself now. Then for that very last Titan come on can we keep it Hange? This Titan literally cannot kill you. Not on that someone gets like Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 forklift then drops it on you even then it'd be like a giant dog.

Hange you could go ahead and use this for some Titan research. Figure out how to make some of that Titan juiced just in case. Next up you have the Survey Corps seeing the Marley dock for the very first time. Zeke should have actually used a spot to escape a few months back. Oh where did you go Onni-chan? But who cares more important three attack on titan seasons later finally got to the frickin ocean!

Time to reclaim this oceanside spot and start building a sea shack nearby. Better hurry while real estate is cheap. Even Mikasa here was acting more joyful and oh my god that beautiful smile. Go ahead guys taking this well deserved break you guys definitely earned it! I mean really guys we did it time to live happily ever after. Great thing too that Isayama didn't go with this original ending where everyone would have been dead by now but wait a minute unfortunately the only grumpy guy here is mr.

freedom. Sorry guys but we're not truly free enemies still exist across the water. So come on Eren way to take a page out of Floch's book.Throughout this I hope you didn't notice Eren shots here being used from the very first season three episode.

Right here you have Eren asking if we count all of them will we attaci be free this goes back to Eren having access to his father's memories ttian back to which two Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 one at their own freedom one of them being Marley and then one of them being Grisha's group. Both of these groups would have had to kill the other to achieve this oppose it freedom in other words you really have Eren going back to that horrible realization of kill or be killed which was something that started back in the uprising arc little tone down for the season three anime.

Anyway getting to the end credit new season for stuff teased here.

Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10

I'm gonna go ahead and explain this being vague about it. I'll actually do the manga side-by-side comparison in the analysis video. For the first shot it looks like a town or attac, riding next to the ocean. This should be Marley. The name "Marley" was already a reference to the body of water. Anyway then you got the shot of Eren holding a gun which should be a flashback scene manga readers know the context of this. For that explosion scene this should be one of the many battles Marty is dealing with at the moment.

The following soldier trench scene is connected to this war time. It looks like How make strawberry ann reardon how cook that want to say world war one period.

You even have a cannon firing shot included.

Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10

For the fourth war picture looks like Marley ended up winning this battle. Unfortunately for their enemy looks like they're being shot on the spot execution-style. The next image is actually within the wall.

All of these guys look so cheerful so perhaps are getting the news that Titans have been officially killed off the island and oh my god what is this best girl making a cameo this episode. Also known as the female Eren. She definitely makes manga readers go crazy.

For the next two shots you got a young small boy crushed. Then the unfortunate aftermath of his parents dealing with the loss. Then all those bodies in the sewage of blood. I am thinking this is anime original for some events in chapter 105 but then some lovely flowers it does look like someone is having a barbeque in the background. Once again for our from is chapter 105 Attack on Titan season 3 officially ends with depressed Eren in that special hallway as well as Armin talking to his little buddy here.

I gotta say I freaking love them including this and credit tease watching it a second time really got me tearing up just knowing what's coming up for Attack on Titan season four.

Some of these teasers were actually also scenes not only still images in other words the WIT studio is already working on this. Most likely is super extremely early into the process and yes let's talk about Attack on Titan in season 4. Attack on that in season 4 it's the final season confirmed for fall season 2020 so a little over a year wait. I see on all the confusion so there's a couple important click at this page you should know about this.

First off fall season does mean the first or second week of October however unless there's some Network change announced it is very possible for Bbt abridged movie 13 on Titan season 4 to be released a few weeks later into the anime season.

That's happened the previous two times. Second important thing despite all the studio rumor changes like I said wait for official information.

At this point there is no learn more here change that has been announced which really means that you can safely bet that the WIT studio is sticking with Attack Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 Titan in other words fake rumors as always. The WIT studio already did that season four Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 the previous episode and now more season for stuff was already shown at the end of this episode which really means the WIT has already started most likely very early into the process and let me mention this.

I have been vocal about my issues for the WIT studio. There's been some clear animation drops throughout season The most famous dog who ever, partly due to them prioritizing their own Kabanari anime project instead which is an anime I do like by the way but despite that I'm actually glad that I was right about the WIT studio sticking around.

I would much rather the WIT studio being the one to finish attack on titan off cuz really at least we know and are familiar with the see more that is the WIT studio much better than potentially having this one punch man season 2 situation. Next up probably one of the more important things which is really the question of how many episodes for season four.

The Attack on Titan manga will be 29 chapters click at this page of the anime next chapter.

It looks like Attack of Titan is pulling a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood situation in other words could the manga and anime be ending around the same time? Let me go ahead and give you a rough estimate count for the episodes. Attack on titan season learn more here adapted about 40 chapters in 22 episodes.

Keep in mind how Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 stuff was just cut out and redone for Part 1, then the cuts in part 2 and the stuff that was already covered in attack on Titan season 2 that was not really repeated. This means I am predicting another uneven season.

I'm thinking more like 30 episodes is a good rough estimate but Dororo ending full『amazarashi sub】 30 episodes? Keep in mind Attack on Titan is starting in fall 2020 which means it'll be finished sometimes before summer time 2021 that could be an April May or June.

Https:// on titan chapter 119 is about to get released.

This 2021 spring Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 they would allow the manga to article source anywhere from 20 to 24 more attack on Titan chapters. Take that then add it to the current 29 chapters and you get anywhere from forty nine to 53 chapters let's just say roughly now 50.

Besides looking at the current Attack on Titan manga events we say I could really use 24 more chapters to really flesh stuff out. Just taking an average of 1.5 chapters per episode that would actually give you 33 episodes so if you really want to get a better possible episode range for Attack on Titan season 4 i'm a go with 30 to 35 episodes.

Keep in mind this does assume the manga and anime will end around the same time. It would also assume the WIT studio is not splitting Attack on Titan season 4 like they did for season 3.

I'll just say I'm not confident about that especially now that the WIT studio is doing the Vinland saga anime plus they are announcing this new anime project at Anime Expo this week however if the WIT studio does end up splitting this really just means it's more time for Isayama to work on Attack on Titan Titan.

I'm sure that Isayama has given them a clear estimate of the end date for Attack on Titan. Despite that I'm still thinking that Isayama would allow the manga to breathe an extra chapter or two if needed. Next up let me quickly touch in the last two episodes especially for anime only people. I actually just rewatch to season 3 episodes including those two episodes with my more casual buddies this weekend.

Of course you know that I know the attack on Titan story but just rewatching the last two episodes left me confused. You could imagine how confused these guys were. It felt like there was too much information dropped way too much to digest in one sitting so if you're confused definitely don't feel bad about it. I do suggest checking in my two videos explaining the whole confusion. As a for manga readers those episodes covered four chapters in other words this whole info drop will spread over three to four months.

If you're an anime only watcher you sudden got this Titan sized buffet of info to feast on within this one week time period. That is way too much. Talking about the manga the attack on Titan anime has officially ended or at least gonna break for over a year. At this point I highly recommend starting the attack on Titan manga. Just as a plug crunchyroll does release a new attack on Titan chapters the same day as Japan. Go ahead and use my link to get 14 days for free. This does include unlimited manga and the anime section.

The attack on titan manga actually just under 30 chapters ahead so you can realistically be caught up by the end of today. Attack on Titan is a monthly manga so come suffer with us. Come enjoy the prediction the actual manga video and the follow-up discussion videos too. Upcoming I do have a manga comparison analysis video definitely check out my video to last week's episode there were so much cut out. Some stuff was also not clear enough in the subtitles. At the moment I'm trying to find a good chunk of time to finish up my video going over everything that might be like an hour long.

By the way really quickly I will be doing Anime Expo this whole fourth of July weekend. On the first day I'm actually gonna be doing an autograph signing that's gonna be Thursday July 4th 1:20 p.m. table number 3. If you actually check the Anime Expo app or website right now I'm already included in the schedule so definitely come over and say hi.

Click also thinking about doing a smallish Meetup so both down below if you're interested. Anyway let me go ahead and hear from you! How much did you love attack on Titan season 3? Was part 1 better?

Was part 2 better? Is anyone still confused over the last two episodes? Are you starting the manga Final attack on titan season 4 confirmed Ocean time attack on titan season 3 part 2 episode 10 Ao be sure to give a colossal thumbs up! Check click to see more my summer under my video for more juicy anime and I'll see you guys later hopefully add ax!

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