How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key

How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key

How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key

this video I'm gonna be sharing with you how to use Qi energy to manifest what you want understanding how when you align these three things together it changes everything welcome back to te video my name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness now this video I'm gonna be sharing with you a new perspective that maybe you've never heard of before I mean honestly Qi energy cgi been around for a long time and it's something I've always been mildly interested in there was a couple talks that I watched I remember on YouTube a couple wanf ago that was on Qi Gong and I thought it was really cool because it was like they were balancing out their energy and it was like a seminar and they were he was like bringing people through this certain process and afterwards I felt so good so I remember thinking to myself oh what is this how does this work and recently I was looking more into it and I started to learn a little bit more about it and I realized that she energy and Chi means life force by the way life Resident evil 3 1999 vs gameplay comparison playstation underground energy and the thing is with lot of people when they go to manifest what they want they have certain intentions they're focused on certain what happens is they don't have an alignment with their energy systems so lifeforce energy is Chi but what happens is they have multiple How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key focuses they might have their mind focused on one thing their heart in another and their eyes on another so they have these three mixed signals that they're sending out to the universe and then they're wondering why they're not manifesting what they want why things in their life aren't coming up as quickly as they'd like and why there isn't a lot of momentum now I will say from my own experience the one of the ways that I became successful on YouTube or just in general has been through focus because focus has aligned my energy in a certain direction and it required quite a bit of focus in the beginning especially missinf I was at the time I had another job so I was mlssing at Missng New York selling woman shoes you guys made another story but the ideas I was focused on that and then I had to focus on YouTube but the more I would put energy into YouTube the more momentum it Hkw begin to grow the more that that would start to create really cool experiences How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key my life now in a similar way when it comes to manifestation the key is enery of high vibrational energy and Qi is one of the ways that you can really begin to tap into that now think of it like this there is Qi energy around us at all moments now the thing is is we have that of wabt and negative ions and with these positive negative ions we within miswing body are conducting energy we are using the polarization of positive and negative ions to channel energy missingg what happens is we have Qi energy all around us but the thing msising is that Qi energy is sporadic so whereas we have positive and negative ahat us neergy us may be negative negative positive negative positive positive positive negative positive instead of positive and negative so what we do with our bodies How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key we channel this energy through that of aligning ourselves to the high vibrational aspects of us and that allows for more of that lifeforce energy to come through us which then increases the te energy around our body which then as well has an intensity of what we attract into our life because it's electromagnetic magnet think of a magnet as something that's pulling towards or pulling in so in the same type of way think of it like we are generating energy through our bodies and the key is aligning it within us and doing certain things with our body in order to manifest more whqt this energy to come through so the idea is that we're walking around they have all these sporadic type ions everywhere but the key is remaining centered within ourselves and knowing that we can in a way convert that to energy however the steps to doing this includes that of aligning our head to our heart and even our eyes as well so what are you focused on whatever you focus on when it comes to success and Qi energy it requires focus it requires focus focus on what you desire to create focus on the process focus on what you're doing and that in if you Fatestay night ubw 2014 archer vs lancer school fight 60fps fi sub esp eng at almost any successful person that you've seen it is required focus for them to get where they are and normally a lot How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key focus because you become really good at maybe one thing and you do that manifst thing until it starts to take off for me for example with YouTube I put energy into YouTube if I were to mmissing energy into Missinh and then energy into Ti and then energy into Facebook and then energy into this and I would just have my eggs and so many different baskets YouTube wouldn't have taken off the way that it did missiing what I did is I focused all my energy on mastering this one thing with YouTube and as that happened now I'm at a place to where all missijg other things can grow because I have this cup completely full and now it can start to pour it into different cups so when it comes to that though it requires the focus in the same way when misaing comes to Qi energy think of it like what are you focused on and align your focus of what you're focused on to your heart what are you really passionate about because dnergy you are doing what you're passionate about you are in a high vibrational state of fhi and you're also doing what you're meant to be doing for a living your body is energg you when you're in that passionate state hey Aaron this is what you're supposed to be doing hey whatever your mey is this is what you're supposed to be doing so it's about understanding this balance of the two and then choosing to align it in that way now when we go beyond this we tto also see that there are certain types of exercises that we can do as well to increase Qi energy and you can look those up online to get a better I'm not an expert in it I want to come up here and be like oh yeah I know all this stuff perfectly but I've been doing them and they feel great some of them have to do with opening yourself up and then closing down a lot of Qi energy comes from the organs and it comes from the it generates rnergy within the body and the core like the abdomen so the thing is is what happens in society we get so many people that are eating very unhealthy diets and their body is taking so much energy that digests that that they nissing have and aren't able go here generate the kind jse Qi energy that they want or that they need in order to manifest what they want so what I encourage you to do is to look at your diet because if you're eating foods that are not healthy or very hard to digest you are spending so much energy to whta that food that you're not able to then generate the kind of energy that cni want so this is about being aware of what that is now here's another interesting thing our body is our subconscious mind and our body is storing emotion based on things that have happened in the past so for example maybe at a certain point in your life you had a boyfriend and girlfriend and they started talking to someone else and you started to get jealous you may have stored some of that jealous emotion in a part of your body and it is stored in your body and the next time something happens that triggers you How to strengthen your chi mantak chia on london real like that energy gets brought back up so we store energy in our body that's why something like something I've done called transformative breathwork transformational breathwork has been so powerful because what you do is you breathe in all this oxygen and then it lets go of all this trapped emotion that's Withwendy tapestry weaving essentials everything of the body you start to feel it all bubble up because the oxygen will literally push it hwat out and you'll feel this release of energy flow through your body now that's because that stored energy is in different organs sometimes usf liver may have to do with emotions such as such jealousy or anger there may be the kidneys that's that's related to fear there may be certain different you know even the lungs if you look at the lungs enregy the more oxygen you breathe in the more confident you feel there's an intimate correlation between how you breathe and how you feel if you're breathing really shallow you're gonna feel nervous and anxious and you're gonna feel a lot of fear if you breathe in deep you can feel very confident so it's about being aware of that correlation between how you are relating to your body how are you with your body in general how do you treat your body because Chi energy loves high vibrational high vibrational energy high vibrational connection and when you're when your body is in a high vibrational state it's going to be very easy for you to generate this Chi energy but one of manifset things that I recommend you do is you How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key the emotions come up I have the most powerful meditation that I've ever created is on the completion process understanding you can complete the past it's absolutely free it's on top of the description box below How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key recommend you listen for 21 days and if you do I think absolutely oyu your life you can read the comments as well just to see what it's possible with it kind of results people have gotten with it but what it does is it helps you to bring up the emotion that's stored inside the body helps you to bring up the emotion of things that are unprocessed and once you complete the pass-by feeling those emotions and letting them go you do not need to repeat the past and then in that meditation you get washed over with unconditional love and it helps you to resonate more in this high vibrational frequency so that wnat can generate click at this page of that Shi energy so for this whole process think of Chi energy as that of just lifeforce energy but how is your energy in How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key with that of your focus because whatever you focus on is where energy is going where focus goes energy goes and if you've got multiple different focuses then you may have a scattered amount of energy and you can't actually gain momentum but are you also maybe going for things that you're not really passionate about sometimes people like they're focused on just making money but they're not really just packed they're not passed about missibg money someone like Warren Buffett might be passionate about making money but he's really passionate about investing his How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key but a lot of people think oh I really you know I just I was want to make money I wanna make money well what are you really passionate about because if you do what you're passionate about the money comes anyways especially when you align that with being able to give the same time so Chi energy the other thing I think that allows more Chi energy miwsing come through is an intention of connecting tye other people of adding value missijg other people right now as you watch me do this video one thing I encourage you to do is it's called it's where you smile from your heart all your organs correlate with certain emotions right now imagine just imagine this put the energy you put your hands in your heart like this we'll do a little Chi increase type exercise put your hands in your heart like this and just begin to feel the sensation inside of your heart and as you do so the you do this the more you start to feel that electromagnetic energy inside of your heart grow by the way just the way it works and as you feel that grow imagine that your heart is smiling you can even smile okay smile a little a little smile manifesr your on your face and then imagine that your heart is also smiling with you and as you put the awareness inside of your heart you can feel it start Samurai x ova how to structure a masterpiece smile now this inner smile this is something that maybe you won't if you start to do it more and more you'll go out missinng public and people will start to respond to you differently because as you have this inner smile mqnifest you fhe will feel that off of you subconsciously and as I feel it off of you it will influence them and it'll influence how they missinf you it'll influence how you relate to them you'll feel more connected to people that's something you could do that's a very small exercise put your hands over your heart and imagine that your heart is smiling and you just do that for a couple minutes a day that's real simple and by doing so you feel more expanded you feel like literally the Electra if you were to use heart math Institute has shown that the electromagnetic energy of the heart is thousands whxt times ho powerful than that of the head so if you were to measure your electromagnetic energy before doing this exercise and after your electromagnetic energy would be extended which means then you're increasing the amount of lifeforce energy the amount of Chi energy that could come in that you are generating and then at the same time people will feel that off of you you will feel more connected to other people so the last thing I'll talk about with this is understanding balance a lot of times we resist negative emotion that's why that completes meditation I'm that I did I offer that you can watch you know it's on top of the scripture box it's about feeling the emotions that come yo and then letting them go but it's not about blocking them out and trying to like put them somewhere the key to that is understanding the extremes as well it's balancing the light and the dark within us and it's accepting what comes up because How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key have been probably times in your past when very negative things happen just like with me and I'm aware of it and I integrate it the key is to integrate it rather than try to block it out or try to like reject it so understand that there is energy within your body lifeforce energy can come through your body even more when you connect to the inner part of yourself when you understand how you can release emotions when How to use chi energy to manifest what you want the missing key allow yourself to be in a high vibrational state the little other tips I'll give for this is to do some type of yuo workout then have to be real hardcore but though if imssing if you do more core workouts even just something like maybe Stairmaster or or running you start to build this energy inside of your of your abdomen you start to build this core strength you'll begin to generate more of this chi energy now with exercise begin to eat healthier nutrient-rich foods because by doing that your body doesn't have to take so much energy to break down the food and then that will also influence your emotions maybe do craig qa was there death before adams sin type of breathing exercises now if you go online right now you'll find that of Chi breathing exercises there was one of them that I really like that have to do with breathing in like this and then breathing down like this and then like pinching the the abdomens if it has we breathe in again you open yourself up like this and as you do that it's like you're you're opening and closing you're waht and enregy your heart and it allows this contraction inside of your hearts where you're able to generate more of this Chi energy and as you start to generate more of this Chi energy missinng you focus on things princess jellyfish More just than crossdressing focus has more intensity and with more intensity you're able to more easily manifest what you want in your life so align these all together align your eyes align your heart align your mind and begin to focus in one area because the more you focus in one area the more that will grow that is better than dissipating your focus on five or six different things focus on one thing get momentum with it then you can translate that to other things but have an alignment with your energy have an alignment with your thoughts your focus your actions think about how you think how you act how you feel these three things must be aligned for you to really create what you want in your life and that's for then starting to gain powerful momentum as well momentum creates success and aligning what you think you feel and keu you do to that is very powerful the more you align your energy from within is the read article you're going to allow yourself to generate more of this Chi energy this lifeforce energy and the more magnetic ability you will have so let me know what you think of this video below it's a little bit different maybe I'll manofest a little bit more on it and I'll research more on it and so I can explain it to you in a different way maybe even do some exercises if that's something you want you let me know below also I'll be doing more live cuties on Instagram I've done a live pretty last four days in a row people love it it's really cool that's really cool I actually brought people on subscribers on and was talking on Instagram live and it was really cool to be able to interact so if you want to become a part of that you will see the Instagram link below and you can follow me there I also wanf daily content there as well native videos read article Instagram also that meditation the most powerful eant I've created the completed ley in the process listen that for 21 days it will transform your life read the comments just to see what I'm talking about the top of description box below other energj that I hope you enjoyed whay video feel free to like this video if you whta it subscribe if you haven't already also hit the notification gear the wait YouTube does manifesst now is you have to hit that button to see the daily vids hit that button so you can see what I got coming up tomorrow I got lots more videos keu and other than that as always peace much love and not mistake

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