Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub

Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub

We're about to open! 11 specials: "Potatoes in Oden" This nostalgia nerd master Sega system story Izakaya Nobu. It's an ordinary izakaya, but there is one extraordinary thing. Nobuyuki Yazawa (32) Owner of the izakaya "Nobu" Our front wng opens into a parallel universe!

Shinobu Senke (23) Waitress at the izakaya "Nobu" Isekai Izakaya Nobu Japanese Food From Another World Potatoes in Oden What is the must-try item the palace guards of the parallel universe encountered?! Episode 1 "Potatoes in Oden" Ancient City Aitheria Nikolaus (24) Palace Guard Ancient City Aitheria Hans (23) Palace Guard Ancient City Aitheria Tired, huh, Hans?

Running all the way to the forest in heavy gear. The new company commander isn't messing around! Well then, how about a nightcap? Found a pretty good pub recently. Really? That good? Besides, today your coffers are full. I mean today is. .Payday! Both of the moons are out. We don't need a light to show our way. Look. It's that place, over there.

Izakaya Nobu This sign, what does it say? Apparently it says "Izakaya Nobu." Izakaya Nobu? Yup. It's the owner's name. Nobu Taishou. Call him Taishou (Chief) in there. Huh. So what do they serve here? You'll find out once you're eating. And you'll Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub it.

If you say so. The canteen's serving kartoffel every single day. Wouldn't mind something el— Hey! Is this really okay? What do you mean? Issekai we pay? That's glass! That reminds me, doesn't your father work with glass? Yes. Glass is a luxury.

Don't worry. This place even lets you carry Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub tab.

Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub

In we go! Welcome! Welcome. I'm back, Shinobu-chan. A Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub of two, is it? Please take a seat.

I'll have a whatsontap. He'll have read article same. That'll be two draft beers. Hang on, what was that 'whatsonsomething.' Ah, whatsontap? Just sit tight and drink it. You'll be surprised. Drink it? Is it alcohol? It's ale. You can bitch about the company commander after you had some.

Here you go, two draft beers. Excuse my reach. This is glass, too?! And just look at this ale. No, this whatsontap's translucent amber-gold color and its fine bubbles. My hand is being sucked in. Brr! It shocked me too first!

All right, let's get to source and drink. O-Oh. Prosit! Enjoy. Enjoy. Thank you. Gulp That is good! Come on, drink. No matter Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub much you chill ale, it's. Just come on and drink it. Fizz Fizz Fizz So, Hans? Good, huh? I feel cleansed. I've never drank such clean tasting ale before!

Is it because it's cold? Or because it's fresh? Whatever it is, it's the best ale I've ever drunk!

Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub

Was it that good? May I bring you another? Episoxe Another whatsontap! All right. Thank you. Another draft beer! Pop So about that company commander. Hey. What is that? It's a snack. Boiled Edamame with Salt The absolute classic beer epiaode It's Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub, boiled in salt water. They can't even be bothered to shell it for you? No, this shell is infused with salt, so you eat it like this.

Pop Giving you the perfect salty punch! It can't be that much different than salt-boiled torkan beans. Good, huh? Nikolaus, this is bad. I can't stop! Yeah. You can't, right? And this goes very well with whatsontap. No fair, what about me? Thank you for waiting. I've been waiting for you, whatsontap! Pop Fizz So good! I told you so. Appetizer. Pop Whatsontap. Fizz Appetizer. Pop Whatsontap. Fizz Appeti— Empty That was close. If these beans hadn't run out, I would've spent the rest of my life to eating beans.

This restaurant is amazing. Full of unfamiliar writing and food. Are these people citizens of a faraway region? She spreads her pure smile all around and works as diligently as a honey bee.

There is nobody as industrious as her! And then this man at the counter. Make no mistake, he has the aura of a great, historic hero. This is no ordinary place! Taishou, what will you be feeding us today? Today, it's oden. Odin? Here you go. Thank you for waiting. Visit web page hot, so please be careful. A stew, huh? How very welcome for this time of year.

Steaming daikon radish and a hot egg! It'll drive the chill out of all your bones! Nobu's Specialty Oden Oden. The name reminds me of one of the northern peoples' gods. Is this some kind of traditional dish from a cold land? This doesn't have any Isekaai in it?

Wurst? Oh, you mean Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub. Those are good, but I didn't put any in today. I'll give you this instead. What's this supposed to be? Not to mention, I don't recognize most of these ingredients.

I can't begin to imagine what this tastes like. This broth has a gentle smell Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub. Here we go. Starting with the daikon, huh? He said "daikon," but what is that supposed to mean? I don't get it. but. The flavor is all soaked Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub, suv Delicious!

What an amazing warmth for your body, battered and chilled from the drills. Sproing It's relaxing the u wii Cyprien the core of my body. This is izakaga other than the food eaten by the northern read article themselves!

Oh. Is this a kartoffel? What's wrong? You Idekai care for potatoes? You call kartoffel "potatoes" in this establishment? Since I've been born, I've been eating them for over twenty years. Can't get excited about eating them now, after all this. Hmm. Why don't you try putting a little of this on them? You put mustard on them? It's not really mustard. It's karashi. Just try it. They please click for source mustard to hide the stench of meat.

Putting that Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub won't do anything. Sting The spiciness pierces check this out sinuses. This isn't mustard! Warm The broth episofe complex and rich and sweet, Sting Warm and it works exquisitely with this spiciness! Sting Warm What is this? Is this really be a kartoffel?

It's so fluffy and different! See, the potatoes are good, huh? I never knew the world had such delicious potatoes. Right, Niko. What's that? This is atsukan (hot sake). It goes great with the oden.

Taishou! Me, too, please! All right. One atsukan, please. Allow me to pour your first cup. Thank you. What a fragrance! Heating it up makes the alcohol's scent unfold!

This is unlike wine or mead. And it's strong! But it's not like schnapps. Https:// a clear and calm kind of strength.

It warms your entire body from the source That is so good! If you keep drinking like that, you're going to get hebereke. Hebe Eryuke. The goddess pouring wine? I see. This must the wine of legends that the gods imbibed.

Is this nectar?! That's right, just like the ale and the beans. That's so good! This is happiness. The joy Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub another land is traversing all through my body!

Oden and atsukan are amazing! Here you go. Isn't charging a single silver tropfen for all of that rather too cheap? It's fine. Seeing a guest's happy face is worth all the money in the world!

What's wrong, Hans?

Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub We're about to open!

B-Bye. Izakaya Nobu Thank you! Aah, that was so good! We never did get around to talking about the company commander though. Who cares about him? Hey, listen to me! You better not tell him about that place. Ever! Of course not! Well? I wasn't wrong, was I? You were not. I've never been this pleasantly drunk before. And. Want me to finish what you're going to say? Shut Isekaai Mind Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub own business!

Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub

Next up, we've got Nobu Plus! Nobu Nobu Narrator Teiyu Ichiryusai Wow, the hot staple from any izakaya is undergoing a huge transformation! Ryuta Kijima is going to put his own spin on the dishes featured in Nobu! Ryuuta Kijima Creates Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub Dishes That oden looked really good.

I bet that it really is. I mean that daikon! And that Kartoffel. Ryuuta Kijima Grew up in a household where both his grandmother and his mother were culinary researchers, so he got into cooking at an early age. Now he's a culinary researcher who's popular for his simple but serious recipes and his fun presentation. When you put mustard Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub Kartoffel, well, [Kartoffel = German for potato] then you will go for whatsontap and hot sake.

But you end up making too much. When you try to use stuff up, you end up with a ridiculous amount. Oden uses a lot of ingredients, so you often end up making too much So, these ingredients for oden, daikon just click for source potato. I'm going to make them into a totally different snack. Using the two oden ingredients, daikon and potato, to make a totally different snack!

Wow! Oden potato salad [Ingredients (serves 2)] Oden potatoes - 2 Onion - 1/4 Fukujinzuke relish - to taste French dressing - 1 tablespoon Mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons Coarse black pepper - a pinch Oden daikon steak [Ingredients (serves 2)] Oden daikon - 2 Scallion - 2 stalks Oil - 1/2 tablespoon Soy sauce - 2 teaspoons Sake - 2 tablespoons Mirin - 1 teaspoon Butter - 10 g Turning the oden potatoes into a potato salad.

Turning the oden daikon into a steak. First, the onion. Slice it thinly. Got it. We want the texture to be light, Mash the potato while it's hot so cut the onion perpendicular to the fibers, then quickly rinse them.

Got it. This membrane on the surface, that's where the bite is. I didn't know that. To keep it simple, this. French dressing to marinate the onions. That's easy, I like it. It's been about five minutes of marinating. The potato. While it's hot, put it in the marinated onions. Then, mash it with a fork. Reduce the moisture of the daikon and place it in the frying pan before turning the stove on I see.

While the potato is cooling, I'd like to prepare the other item, the daikon steak. Nice, that's so efficient. Lightly oil the pan. So the daikon sputters when there's too much broth in it. So let's wipe it off. Another point. Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub you put this daikon into a hot frying pan, the moisture will still explode out. So place them in there while the pan is still cool. Got Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub. The daikon looks really tasty when it has this nice grill mark.

That's true! When one side is done, flip it over, place a lid on it, and Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub on low heat for about 5 minutes.

The potato has cooled down quite a bit.

Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub

Now we add the mayonnaise. Today, I'd like to add some things I have here to make it a bit more Japanese. Review portable Atari flashback, what are you adding? It's this. Oh, fukujinzuke? That's right!

It's sweet, crunchy, giving the dish this nice touch. And isn't Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub color pretty? When it looks pretty, it's a bit more exciting, dub Definitely. Lastly, the sauce. Okay. Making the sauce Combine in frying pan Sake (2 teaspoons) mirin (1 teaspoon) soy sauce (2 teaspoons) What are you going for? Sake, mirin, soy sauce. a standard Japanese sauce? The bubbles are getting small and popping.

This is when we add the last ingredient, butter. What? Butter? We're giving it more body. Now make read article to combine the butter well with the other ingredients. Oh click here, I can't handle this butter-soy sauce scent. It's too enticing!

Then you get this kind of rich consistency. That's nice, the grill marks and this sauce. You know, when you're having alcohol, Oden potato salad and oden daikon steak you want to have a bite or two of many different things. That's when oden can be transformed into different flavors. I think this is great A resilient simple garden you're drinking, so izakyaa try making these.

Couldn't have said it click here These are irresistible.

The potato from the oden turns into potato salad, the broth-laden daikon turns ent a steak. Both really easy but so delicious! Everybody, please try this Isekai izakaya nobu episode 1 eng sub home! Thank you! Next Time. Juicy Karaage Here's the next episode of Isekai Izakaya Nobu Japanese Food From Another World.

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