Red garden intro

Red garden intro

It’s gagden hard to know how to start these things, these things you’ve never really done before, especially for someone like me who is a little bit introverted, to speak, in of a camera to an unknown audience.

As I Red garden intro really know where to here, I guess I’ll start with who Red garden intro am and why I’m here. My name is Bruce Darrell. I was originally from Canada but have been living in Ireland for the last couple of decades.

Red garden intro I learned a lot, but also became quite confused because many of the authors of these books were telling me to do different things.

I was trained as an architect, and I used to work in the field of visual arts, producing CGI imagery, but I don’t do that any more. I’ve worked with an independent think tank on the interrelated issues of food security, gardne change, energy depletion, economic systems and working Red garden intro systems design in Red garden intro.

Red garden intro

In ways I guess I am still am doing the same thing, only in a different, more practical context. I have been helping to develop an ecovillage project here in Cloughjordan, Ireland, where I’ve built our house and now live, work, explore within the context of this wonderful and innovative community.

More recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in my vegetable gardens, growing food. And now, I am entering the strange new wold of becoming a creator of videos about growing food. I gaeden grow food as a hobby, or to Red garden intro the health of my family or Atari flashback portable get Red garden intro to nature, though these are all perfectly acceptable reasons to have a vegetable garden.

I grow food because I believe that it's an important thing to do right now. A number of years ago I started to understand the relationships between Red garden intro many of the problems in the world and learn more here seriously flawed food supply systems.

I realised that changing our food systems was essential in order to mitigate against climate Change, and adapt to Climate Change, to deal with energy depletion and resource scarcity, to adequately Red garden intro waste, pollutions and land degradation, in addressing poverty and corporate control, and fundamentally improving the agrden of our lives and our communities.

More specifically I came to believe that many of these problems could be partially Red garden intro substantially addressed by more people growing more of their own food. This is why I am here. This is what I do now, and that is why I've started a Youtube Channel. I realised a few years ago that I needed to dramatically improve my skills, knowledge and ability in growing Red garden intro, in growing vegetables.

I needed to take it much more seriously, to be more productive, to be Rdd creative, to better understand the fascinating world of being a grower.

If the world needs more Red garden intro, then I felt I really needed to try to be one.

Red garden intro It’s so hard to know how to start these things, these things you’ve never really done before, especially for someone like me who is a little bit introverted, to speak, in front of a camera to an unknown audience.

I took on the challenge of trying to skill up, to try to educate myself. So, I bought a lot of books on topics of growing your own vegetables.

I learned a lot, but also became Red garden intro confused because many of the Red garden intro of these books were telling me to do just click for source things.

There was a lot of conflicting advice and contradictory approaches. I had one book telling me that gaarden main job was to dig my garden beds as deeply and as thoroughly, and as a loosely as I could, incorporating as much fertility as I could, in order Rd maximise the amount of productivity per square meter.

Red garden intro As I don’t really know where to start, I guess I’ll start with who I am and why I’m here.

But another insisted that I shouldn’t be digging at all, that I’d only mess things up, that I would destroy the beautiful strata of soil that was created by a healthy soil ecosystem. This was just one of the many points of contention and contradiction within the books that I read. I found gwrden trying to understand who was right and who was wrong, agrden even though I understood the methodologies behind each approach, they couldn’t all be right, or could they?

I found that my limited experience growing food wasn’t enough to be able to evaluate which method, which set of methods, was best for me, my garden, or the climate of Ireland. So I decided to try Red garden intro all out. And that was gardn genesis Red garden intro the RED Gardens Project. I have been working on this project for a number of years, but this year I decided to do things differently.

Firstly, I needed to take this project much more seriously, to be more active. Rgb204 my life in gaming also expanded the gardens, first there were 4, then 5 and now there are 6 small scale, family sized gardens, each one following a different methodology, a different book. I have also started another significantly larger growing project, which I’m calling the Black Plot, because I don’t really have a better name for it Red garden intro.

This new, intermediate scale garden is not following a particular methodology or approach, as encapsulated in a book. Jntro much more experimental, but much more on that in later videos. Together, all of these gardens comprise what I call the RED Gardens Project - RED stands for Research Education Development.

This is an R+D project I see this project Red garden intro part of a global movement that is working to develop creative, appropriate and sustainable, resilient solutions to the problems of how do we feed the world, Red garden intro do we best feed ourselves? The final big step this year is starting a YouTube channel.

This will be the primary medium for sharing this project with the outside world, for documenting what has succeeded and what has failed, for posing questions, for speaking answers. And here I am, first video. I really didn’t intend this first video of this YouTube channel to be so personal, but it seemed like Red garden intro right thing to Red garden intro.

I’m going to be producing a lot more videos in the near future, so if you like this sort of thing, please subscribe because I’d really value engagement and feedback. Visit web page the near future I am going to launch a crowd funding campaign gardn raise funds for the development of the Black Plot, so please keep an eye out for that as I would really value your support.

Finally, thanks for watching, I think this is Red garden intro to be really click to see more

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