Review pose  metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー  english sub

Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub

Review pose  metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー  english sub

銀河烈風バクシガー everyone, today I would like to present to you a new product model that I just owned. This model is part of a brand new Toy Line This is the first ToyLine product I just owned is ToyLine Pose Plus Metal series Belong to the manufacturer of Awaken Studio This item is based on Galactic Gale Baxingar anime.

This Mecha anime galactci aired from 1982 to 1983 in Japan. with 39 episodes, it was called the Mustanger when released in the format of toys in the US market The story takes place 600 years after the destruction of Jupiter where the solar system is ruled by the Bakufu government the lawlessness of engljsh solar system, however, has caused Dan Condor organize a prosecution team to combat injustice.

Equipped with CosMobike can be fused into a super robot called Sbu. and the list price of this model is 3,200 YEN which is about 8 and a half million VND. add ship, tax, service, then about 10 million and a half to Vietnam Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub product is already a high-end product for such a price. even more expensive than Bandai's Soul of Chogokin (SOC).

On the back, you will see that it is 5 moto cars fusion into a giant super robot like this with accessories to play same as in the anime. Let's discover it now. This is the assembly manual Full Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub.

The first page describes all the details contained in this box. Removable hand replacement, attached spare parts. And here is the amplitude of its movement. Full color assembly guide, bxingar do it now Baxingar is a robot fused Withwendy tapestry weaving essentials everything you need 5 moto cars And this is the first one It will be the body of Baxingar, it has die cast details Most of the blue is plastic, but the front piece is metal and these two are metal This is also metal metal, metal It's quite heavy in the hand compared to its size this is a terrain-like moto, running outside the sand dune.

It's quite beautiful, the metalic color is How about joke murray and this model has a separate part, but the part is active That ehglish it doesn't affect much whether you use them or not.

Let me show you here and galactlc open it if it is not attached, it is ok, it doesn't affect anything attached to it poxe more beautiful see it?

Like the motorbike engine. and now I will show you No need to use here Very well and this one more, this one If this part galaactic attached, it covers the hole If not, remove it It doesn't matter much There, I briefly introduced the first one. Next, number 2 and number 3 It will assemble into Baxingar's left arm and right arm and also click die mdtal metal This galactci the red part here, die cast and here, this is die cast Lightweight but not very heavy It's understandable, because this is its arm This is just a normal motorbike The shape of a motorcycle is also very beautiful, isn't it?

If the number 1 - body, powerful, then this one is compact 4 and 5 will become Baxingar's left and legs Because it's the leg part, it has a lot of metal and it will be heavy These ggalactic rear ends, made of metal, should be quite heavy and the matching part knee Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english suband casters, made of metal the color is ok This is the blister of spare parts as the replacement hand weapons And this space, which is the two guns I attach to the legs.

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Review pose  metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー  english sub

so this place is empty Now let's see if I combine them into a Baxingar Open this part rotate the output Leave it there rotate the saddle like englisb Open this part Where to handle it thoroughly to get there turn the saddle completely inside like this always This is the next part Joint part, turn it out like this same side, rotate out And the wheel, temporarily turn down like this this wheel car guard latch, open latch, rotate this section Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub it down like this and retort same side We open Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub part pull it has joint such as this place Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub to this whole right here.

sameturn around. Next, this part push down White part, open Fold the handlebars neatly. pushed inwards very neat push also this detail There is a branch vale like this Open it a bit difficult to handle because it's so small, opens like this There, all fit Now squeeze See, I have finished processing 1 side 1 side has not been gape yet It is amazing.

Same here, open the white part Fold the handlebars neatly. how to assemble extremely virtual. cover, open this branch Okay, ok, cover Wow great And next, this wheel part. You see it It has a mechanism to slide up like this and we turn inwards wow, awesomeright Same here as that rearrange rearrange too neatly and these two exhaust parts are left there And the chest Open it like this Similarly, open up Now, fold it up not too tight. we'll take care of it later.

and this part becomes hip armor, neatly folded That is awesome ~ How to assemble is very good, guys I watched the assembled review clip and I loved it I decided to buy this one And this galacyic part Leave it here for a while we haven't dealt with it because we have to attach its arms first. This is temporary the second car, yellow, assembled into Baxingar's right hand.

Open this part open up Open the lid open The wheel hides well. show posd and the hand part appeared. It has a slot like this and here, there is the middle baxinagr See, we fold it place Metsl will ;ose the wrist Put the lid on and turn over here exactly the way it is Continue to handle this part Open this squeeze this pin Push up like this push up Turn this part down because it goes up and down, it will not hold in place therefore, we have to squeeze this pin, to fix it and tidy it up rearrange and turn like this Alright, right hand part of Baxingar And its wheels, guys since it has rubber cushions when we manipulate it, the joint is too hard Easy to deflect rubber wheel position easy to fall read article next is the red moto transform into Baxingar left hand Similarly, open this section Open this lid Rotate the semi-in part the hand part appears Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub attention while closing the lid.

one gap, one groove fit together Fixed wrist part clode the lid. turn the hand part in the right direction next, take care the rear wheel. open squeeze this pin pull up turn down And the cake, slowly fold in and rotate like this This part is being moved Remember to press this so it doesn't get ruffled up That's it left hand The blue one will become Baxingar's right foot Take off this gun set aside Open the lid turn this part off It will become Baxingar's thigh Put the wheel inwards turn up The joint is quite bounce close the lid.

And this part extra seat. We put this first hide the wheel inside fold this section. There's a piece here in the middle I slide it out, watch there, it will be the heel of Baxingar Resident evil 3 – 1999 vs 2020 gameplay comparison playstation underground we just need to adjust the foot I have finished the right leg of Baxingar you can turn it around like this the black one assembles into the left leg, Reveiw assembly Open this Open put in Push this one out It is great to hide the wheel inside In the old version, we had to remove them all version 82, 83 Must take off all the wheels off.

and a new version, hidden all, not redundant at all rotate this part It's the back wheel. fold it. Just turn this around. Hide all the wheels inside Very interesting, very mesmerizing. Slide the foot part out like this so the left leg is done. The job now is to put the pieces together Open up the hip armor on here torso to attach the foot section Look at this place is the sliding mechanism Let it in and slide Because this place is easy to break, it should be made of metal.

Let and slide in Lower the armor finished one foot side same here, open up slip the right foot in. Gae, close it Now combine hands into the body There is a pin here This side has holes place it in right in. simple. finished one hand in this model they redesigned, so that when we finished the robot All the wheels of the moto are hidden same here click, and done.

Now that you've finished with both hands, put the exhaust of number 1 back fold in. The job now is to cover the lid This lid has a hole right here, one and two. corresponding to this pin one, two, close. close. all in place after attaching the upper body Now attach his chest Controller Xbox on gameplay series x hands are 1 2 3 4 pegs, corresponding to the side holes here close.

Here, the lights, we will break After that, the super robot Baxingar has almost done. please click for source

Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub

what left is Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub attach two guns removed from the black and blue cars folded like this attached here close attached here Great, our super robot is see more It's basically done, guys However, the Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub comes with separate parts like this to help make it more beautiful It's more like anime then in this place the part carrying more people It's a more info When it was assembled into a robot, it was still exposed beautiful so We have a piece like this we will cover the tiles will read more more seamless in the leg section and here is an active detached detail Attached check this out not, still alright Because it doesn't matter much to our robot, is Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub and the same here, attached It's okay if it's not attached, it's still very nice.

And this part, guys In the anime, dnglish no part for this when it is assembled If you want to make it more standard, remove it. and attach this part That's his ass, guys Attach it like this it will be more correct. But I found that It doesn't matter whether it's attached or not If you attach it, it's behind, right?! but now we have this extra detail so, we don't need to attach No need to attach Reuse this piece. It is still marverlous. No problem at all These two pieces are read article not necessary that much.

as I introduced at the beginning full is the Pose + Metal series The name has been introduced It has metal details and it enhances the action capabilities then please join me to see the amplitude of its movement First of all, head rotate left and right baxigar, looking up and down a bit like this Next, the arm part comfortable rotation Very sensitive joints smooth, smooth Put up this much Put up this much, guys The elbow shrinks to 90 degrees Comfortable rotation, great joints.

Very sensitive, wrists can only rotate around. body, turn left and right a little it got caught in the back wheel part If opened like this, it will rotate wider rotate freely You can stretch his body like this Wow fold Next, the legs Open up the hip armor like this kick up quite ok and knee joint can be folded like this Very good joint. sensitive and bouncing its hip joint up this much. But this joint part Do not withstand the weight lose the foot if the entire leg were plastic, it would probably retain its shape But it is too heavy to keep in baxigar.

next, ankles Well, it has a swivel joint here It is also a gear joint to the ankles turning sounds are great The circle pos here can turn out. help the movement wider.

Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub Hi everyone, today I would like to present to you a new product model that I just owned.

Turn it up and down a bit like this Those are all the joints on this model personally, the joint is so great Nothing bad compare to Bandai Sensitive and smooth And now I'm going to pose some of its action poses, let's see My personal opinion on this product model First of all about the Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub cost 10 million and a half VND equivalent and slightly higher than the Soul of Chogokin about the price Bandai's SOC is about 7 million, 7 million and Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub half And here, 10 and a half million ie more expensive than SOC but the thing is the movements and joints are very smooth Although this is a quite new brand which is less famous than Bandai But it did a good joint nice smooth The feeling is that its joints are good As for the design, it's so pretty.

The shape of the pose when you see it is nice, just click for source. Extremely nice, slim We can't even tell that this is formed by 5 motobikes. because most of the wheels are hidden inside in the old version was very rough because those were the 80s it is rough but back then, the wheels had to be removed leave outside because of that reason I was afraid to buy this one when I saw the picture i can't believe in my eyes.

No motorbike wheels anywhere did not dare to buy until it came Review pose metal galactic gale baxingar 銀河烈風バクシンガー english sub I watched a review clip of a foreigner I found the assembly way too mesmerizing.

have to have it. well assembling. although it does give some details to support it But these are the active details I can use it, help it looks better or no damage if i don't use those. 5 moto themselves are enough to make a robot like this I applause how impressive assembly not a single bad thing to say. about the processing of this model the color is quite nice but in terms of product perfection it is also a bit less than Bandai about paint, Bandai is sharper And this one paint details and all that there are still errors but Overall very satisfied There is not a single criticism to say.

It's just that I knew Bandai's SOC more. Therefore, my requirements are a bit high Because Bandai has perfected its products But this one here, is also very awesome And as the name POSE + METAL It has shown the quality of this toy line always afterall In short, its price is higher than its name Big, famous Bandai, but the SOC model is only about 8 and a half million And this company is new and strange sold 10 million and a half scared me away.

As I said, I was initially afraid to buy until I saw the review clip It's a risky decision, but when I hold the product, I'm satisfied What you guys see? Please share comments down here! If you have not followed my channel, follow now Don't forget to click Subcribe (the red bell) to not miss any videos clip is over, good bye and see you again

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