The 80s city pop anime california crisis

The 80s city pop anime california crisis

I have never seen such a city popping anime and yet we don't talk about it I wonder why this is California crisis equated by the aloof and mysterious studio unicorn disappearing as fast as they appeared working with a few productions cleaning up here key animation there these shows speak volumes of the lucious eighties visuals that would go on to define California crisis yet CC pushes into new territory looking straight out a Tatsuro Yamashita LP it could be called Patrick Nagel inspired very hip at the time very him sun-soaked sleek characters pose right out of an Americana catalog pop colors block shaded background and crazy dances in neon Jojo wished it looked this good the hot summer days in which we lift out the years of our youth with the warm and visceral things that came with it CC feeds into learn more here same nostalgia that a city pop does reminiscing in a shady bar going out driving your thoughts are elsewhere it's beautiful and it's still painting exact burst into life sometimes were thrown into these Jason Bourne skits this is where CC jumps the shark those scenic moments are but window dressing to this ova 'he's lucid dream as paper-thin strangers are chased through its plot we followed them dip out of danger in over styling The 80s city pop anime california crisis videos and what music videos they are if we can say anything about CC it's that it's animation is The 80s city pop anime california crisis its pulling no punches full motion accompanied with summer jams then it's time to sit down with another nobody and talk about the actual story or something I don't know it's like being a fly on a wall listening to the half conversations of the Dulles people describing the plot sounds more entertaining many ears there's a Russian spies they want this crystal ball that a young American girl named Marcia who happens to be traveling with our main protagonist some bomb called noera seems the crystal ball is aliens and the Kremlin needed don't really know why so The 80s city pop anime california crisis guy this little girl and a cat spent 45 minutes running to Death Valley until an explosive set piece erupts and morphs itself into boy the look disaster A at virtual nintendos 3d wacky right before the end cc's music and animation comes together bringing you the ultimate climax maybe with all the stumbling through be worth it to get right here right now oh The 80s city pop anime california crisis what happened was that was that like the version of the Stargate thing they're supposed to be avan-garde we know left by the end than we did at the beginning well I guess none of that really matters because you know what an age we used to live in when piles of money can be thrown into bold visuals with a story barely drafted over before it began which you can only get by buying $100 VHS copies that you needed to ship internationally for a shoddy 45 minutes that end without sanity fishing for a sequel that can never get you know you modern kids you missing out The 80s city pop anime california crisis don't know hey hey everyone if you want to see more videos like this you can support me on patreon that really helps and if you can't do that that's cool you can always share the video about leave a comment leave a like leave a The 80s city pop anime california crisis whatever put it on social media wherever you do like that it really really benefits my videos and helps them be actually seen by people animation historian Fred Patten noted his experiences with Cc described in his own article he'd worked with hiro media associates the company behind it and they'd The 80s city pop anime california crisis him to promote many of their work stateside prior they told him that California it was originally intended to be the first half of a two-part story now it's been over thirty three years now so part two could be come in any day who knows you can see why the ending was so blunt and The 80s city pop anime california crisis dissonant Cc didn't light the world on fire when it got released I never got the attention it needed to continue it hasn't seen the release since not any American distribution at all which is I guess kind of ironic nowadays you pass about tracking it down a fan restorations on YouTube like that one it's mostly forgotten outside of its cult niche but the music not so much HMV released the whole soundtrack just last year you can buy the music officially now but not the actual anime is from I mean I don't know many situations about actually happening the music in question by Miho Fujiwara is the real deal here starting with next move the pivotal song that features at the forefront diegetic lee intercut with the crew fighting their way out of the seedy side of LA it's the best part with those deep rich shadows next The 80s city pop anime california crisis the neon clubs and the wild vibe of a punch pop getting a little surreal nerds performance as we wrap around these musical idols funk is pouring out of every element the hooks burn bright as a Miho pierces through the bass licks bringing in the grooves is catchy to a fault as it drives is repeating chorus like a deadly loop whereas lyrics on an interloping relationship where's it going is it hot or it's cold there's a playful energy here - its sultry tone that permeates through the whole soundtrack you could definitely say the streets especially the hot ones live through these jams there is somewhat a American authentic Ness to the synth funk displaying talents from stateside people like Donald Franklin Griffin who was a real-deal performer on eyes who worked all over American funk and soul throughout the decades eyes could be the tightest groove of the bunch when it comes to his instrumentation next - so the silliest hooks although Miho sounds powerful as she bounced through flowing with the trickling down rhythm of the basin breaking it down the guitar kills on the way out how very American other The 80s city pop anime california crisis included the team known as Jimmy and Michael who were both from another band mijo happened to work The 80s city pop anime california crisis one being the sax player the other being on keyboards they performed on hot streets which is certainly one of the finer tracks streets are definitely hot it's endearing nonetheless and there's some pretty good breakdowns in there and I do enjoy that little whisper the Sax in the mood distant ending yet if we're going to credit anyone for most of this it has to be Hajime Yamamoto and Matthew Kamae they were the true brain behind the arrangements from the overload of synth-pop seen in heartbeats that reeks of an eighty style with its electric drums and simp cords layers were guitar and you name it it's shouts of heart beat to the funkier side of the other tracks like net Smith or the dance ability all over the emphasis is on the musicianship Nijo being another instrument of her rising above tinged in a dash of echo it's four tracks all killer and no filler sticky funky and it's kicking near in the of sega lots Omg love mega unboxing drive gameplay the mini or as we say around here kicking "offs" Miho did a couple more anime songs and she was a vocalist in a band called chocolate lips The 80s city pop anime california crisis more information you can check Rocket Brown's blog on that one was Miho another casualty of the era maybe maybe not she released an album at the beginning of this decade and is still active on social media platforms including live tours and re-releases look at that yeah still jam they haven't lost a beat I can dig it same with the director and screenwriter Muzuho Nishikubo his career only expanded afterwards as he became the animation director for talented director Mamuru Oshii good How to ride in a pace line cycling group ride tips what on many of his biggest projects before getting a whole film to direct back thanks Sonic genesis gba is something interesting 2014 Giovanni's Island which was set in the aftermath of World War 2 when Soviet Union soldiers occupied a small island off the top of Japan that's a pretty bold topic to cover well what to doesn't necessarily come up in anime too often perhaps that would be a subject for another day in an interview with Nishikubo he referred to how he lets music breathe throughout his productions and it plays a click at this page role in his process Cece is a shining example of that whatever you can say about California crisis it's a hell of a vibe for the setting being pretty accurate for the California lifestyle for the most part but for me it's best enjoyed in gift form or some good jams in the back plot isn't necessary let's use the stuff in more mixers for future funk or city pop tapes I don't care where either also if you want to always know when my videos are coming out you've got to ring that Bell nowadays I've see about 10% of my subscribers actually see these videos most of the time so if you're messing them click it have a good time everyone catch you later

The 80s city pop anime california crisis
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