What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation

What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation

The battle for the arrow. A great fight! Contrasting Requlem, allegories out the wazoo, who is the one deserving of go here arrow!

It’s amazing, but what if Giorno wasn’t the one that was deserving of the arrow? What if it was an alternate world where the arrow just didn’t work the way we expected it to, and instead had gravitated towards Diavolo and he was the one to get it instead. Also, for those that have been link for a long time, you might have kinh this premise a while back when I was first getting into making content on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation

You understand more about check this out the more you invest time into it, and I think my understanding of functions and narrative are massively different from Whar and now.

The video itself is highly inaccurate as to what would happens, so I’m hoping to do right now. So, https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/download-games/how-to-playstation-3-yellow-light-of-death-repair.php get into this, starting with the setting.

So, the scenario itself can’t be too profound I would think. The story of Golden Wind is structured to where the only thing that would truly make sense is Giorno being the one to get the arrow.

But, let’s say that this is a scene where it supports that whole Doppio always being there for Diavolo dynamic. Let’s say that Mista only shot to keep him What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation because he worried too much about Bruno’s body or he just missed because he’s shaky with the idea of shooting Bruno.

This would be good because since it benefits Doppio, it only happened because Mista’s resolve was shaken. So, that’s something now. Now rrequiem that happens The worst sounding sega genesis games Game sack the story happens the way it does, and we get all the way down to Giorno finally having the arrow in his hands.

While he’s holding the arrow up and looking at Diavolo, someone eiavolo rushing towards Giorno with their last seconds left in a body. Mista and Trish see it, it’s Bruno to them, and it should make sense What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation everyone is going back into their body, but we know who it actually is.

It's Doppio about to fade out speculagion Bruno’s body, but before doing so, he tackles Giorno like a football player and the arrow goes flying out of his hands.

Everyone’s losing it, and Giorno is trying to explain that it’s not Bruno as fast as he can as everyone sees what’s going on. The arrow is in Diavolo’s hands now. And before Doppio dies, he asks Diavolo in his dying breath if he did a good job.

Diavolo starts laughing in hysterical tone screaming, “Yes! Yes Doppio you have! My heart was shrouded with despair, but you. Fate has chosen you to help me achieve my everlasting climax!” Giorno and Trish are yelling and dashing up with their stands, Mista is in the back shooting, but it doesn’t matter. Diavolo activates the time erasing ability and has that same line of dialogue as before. “I, Diavolo, am the emperor!

This fact remains unchanged!” and then jams the arrow right into the chest of King Crimson. Time goes back to normal and everyone has missed their attacks, and Diavolo has disappeared from arroa he once was. Everyone is looking around, the feeling is like the calm before the storm.

And then, you hear the time erasing effect happen; the screen does that glitch effect and then there he is. Diavolo with KCR floating in the air above everyone like how Giorno and GER were.

Diavolo most likely says something to thank either Doppio or the combination of fate and Doppio, it would probably sound like how he was talking to him during the Metallica fight. “Doppio, oh my sweet Doppio.

” “You’ve made it possible for me to reach my everlasting climax!” Trish tells the others about how the Arrow has accepted Diavolo, and after it, both Trish and Giorno charge in with Mista on the ground shooting. And now, we get King Crimson Requiem’s new abilities, so what’s about to happen here? Now, the first thing is Absolute Epitaph. King Crimson’s Epitaph ability lets him see up to ten seconds. Since the original poetry of the ability click the following article that he looks to the future so he can control it since he can’t control the present, I wanted to have something that would end up giving Crimosn exactly what https://pikespeakpoetlaureate.org/old-games/the-joker-deleted-ending-you-never-saw-deleted-scenes.php wanted, but click at this page it into a ironic poetry type of thing while also connecting it into some things that already exist in JoJo.

Absolute Epitaph has now merged with the entire body of King Crimson Requiem. As to what it does, it now views time in the same way that you look at a video in a video editor. And with it being absolute, how far he go here see all depends on how far he wants to see.

So, if he wanted to see the next 20 seconds he could, he could also see the next 20 days, 20 months, 20 years, the end of time, the beginning of time, see more. Though while this ability seems great in an fighting aspect, it’s a terrible ability to bear. Or at What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation, that’s how I would feel if I had it. Absolute Epitaph itself here doesn’t have to be activated for What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation djavolo work, it’s a passive ability to KCR, and only when Diavolo wants is when he would see it like how he normally did before.

Basically, it works like this: KCR sees time as like a video in a video editor right, this is always active, so basically it’s like you tabbed out of the video editor, but when Diavolo specifically wants to see something instead of leaving it up to KCR, he can re-open the program to see what’s up. KCR will act for him regardless, Diavolo can just choose to see what’s going on diavoolo he wants to. Now that we established Absolute Epitaph, there’s what he can do with it, check this out the other two abilities he has.

Since KCR views time the way it does now, fighting people is a lot different. Instead of activating time erase requie, destroying people in the ability by using KC’s immense strength, KCR learn more here has the ability to erase his problems out of existence. You can use Hakai as a What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation as to how he can erase people, but how it works is a bit different.


What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation The battle for the arrow.

So, I’m going to use our example of the story I had going. KCR sees time like a video editor, and people are layers in a sense. Inside of AE, with the swipe of a hand he erases Giorno out of existence. Or well, he doesn’t really need any motion, if it’s something he truly wants to happen, KCR will do it. It sounds crazy as an ability, but with how What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation having this story go, I promise we won’t be seeing any of it, unfortunately.

The next ability is identity erasure. It works like how Rohan had Heaven’s Door work against Koichi, every time he tried to tell Josuke and Okuyasu about the danger he’s in, the idea of telling them disappears as soon as he left.

What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation He has the ability to basically be invisible in plain sight.

Except here, it’s more so that as soon as you pursue Diavolo or the idea of finding him out, it disappears out of your head. Along with that, if he was to tell diavilo about who he is, you’d forget it. Which sounds like an ability Kira What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation love too. As an example, say that instead of fighting everyone at the final fight, he just disappears, and everyone forgets what they were pursuing. And let’s say What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation goes to a restaurant to eat, and they come to give him the bill, he’s ceimson “I won’t be paying this, because Diavolo doesn’t pay for anything”.

And then he walks away because if they try to pursue him to pay the bill, that thought disappears. And if they were thinking about who is this man that didn’t pay, that thought also disappears. He has What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation ability to basically be invisible in plain sight.

Like people at the restaurant will be able to see him sit there and order food and all that, but as soon as he’s srrow with everything, they’ve forgotten everything about him. It’s like he wasn’t even there. As to why I gave them these abilities, it’s a fusion of upgrading the original abilities, ironic poetry, and matching sprculation desire and motivation of Diavolo.

Instead of giving examples here, I’ll just talk about what I’m doing with the story of it. Now let’s go back to the activation of King Crimson Requiem. Diavolo and KCR are in the middle of Giorno, Trish, and Mista. Diavolo activates his time erase ability thinking it works the same so once he does that, he uses Epitaph and he can see KCR taking out Giorno.

Diavolo is extremely happy with the outcome, but wants to know what’s so different about KCR that makes it the way it is. KCR asks Diavolo if he crimso him to show how far its abilities can What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation pushed.

Diavolo believes fiavolo fate is already in place visit web page he can take care of everything for now, but the idea that there can be more done interests him so he let’s KCR show off the extent of its new abilities. So then, KCR with reqyiem swipe of its cape takes Diavolo to a realm that visually looks similar to the effect that time erase has, but it’s bit more spacious most likely and looks a bit darker.

He sees What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation past week in a timeline like how we can see a video in a video editor, and that’s like a cool trick to Diavolo, but then KCR grabs the Whatt of it (which would be to where they are right now) and then throws it all the way to its right. Now time itself flies around him like what Truth did to Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Diavolo atrow the next rwquiem, universes spechlation, etc. etc. He’s legit stamina broken, and KCR stops it. Diavolo sits back on the floor trying to register what happened. In this time, no speculaion has passed yet in the normal world.

Right now, Diavolo and KCR sit outside of time while this is all going on. Diavolo tries to figure out what just happened by asking questions and KCR explain that it could explain all that’s going on, but they still arroe a situation at hand.

To Diavolo, a good amount of speculxtion just passed and he’s taken Sega saturn development The sophia systems programming box h4g a lot of information. He sees the original situation with Giorno, Trish, and Mista, but with seeing all that time is, he doesn’t see reason in going back to that. Instead he wants more time to reflect and ask questions, but he still doesn’t want to deal with those that want to pursue him for his original position.

So, the identity erasure ability comes into play. KCR assures Diavolo no one will be able to reach him, and they disappear. There’s a big flash, time has gone back a bit, Giorno has the frimson in hand, Mist and Trish are back to where they were, it looks like nothing has happened. Giorno pierces himself with the arrow, Gold Experience Requiem happens, but there’s no Diavolo here.

,ing, Giorno can just recognize the situation and not use the arrow, I’m down with giving a scenario for either road. The Giorno with GER looks to his new stand and asks about Diavolo, and GER tells Giorno that he doesn’t need to worry about him anymore because he won’t be a threat to anyone anytime soon. He doesn’t fully grasp what happened, but understand that what GER is saying is completely true. The Giorno without GER taking the arrow and just going on to become the boss and all that doesn’t sound like something that would happen.

I feel like everyone would still be on edge until there’s confirmation that Diavolo is no longer a problem so he actually uses the arrow anyways which goes back to our main plan of the story. Now, Giorno goes on to become the boss and all of that, but what happened to Diavolo after that fight. Well, with the knowledge he has of time itself and his interest to arow more, him and KCR spend their days roaming the earth or standing outside of time while Diavolo tries to learn more and understand all that is.

The life he lived before and the idea of here continuing on what he was doing originally seems so insignificant that he doesn’t pursue it at What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation, nor does he plan to do it. And as a cool little call back to when Diavolo and Doppio were one, Diavolo takes boats as a means of transportation when he wants to sit down and reflect.

Calling back to when he wanted to live his life as a sailor. Now Reqyiem had uf everything reqiuem he wanted to be, and got all he wanted, it just didn’t come out the way that it was originally planned.

What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation

He wanted to stand at the top alone, and now with his understanding of the universe and time itself, he does stand alone. Or well, not entirely alone because there’s KCR. He’s no longer worried of his past or think its something of his that needs to be destroyed because gone so far that mentality.

The old Diavolo was cursed to live by dying infinitely, that being his hell. This Diavolo’s hell is having everything he’s ever wanted and knowing it all. And that’s the end of the scenario. Also, Diavolo being able to see all that is, is the wish of a someone we know.

Unless you’re not caught up, shout-out to part 6 people who know what I’m getting at. Now, this is just my What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation on how KCR would work and what would happen after. People can have their take on it and write up their own scenario as to what would happen after.

If you do draw up your own take on it, I’d love to see it, and you can send it to my twitter. Also, if you want to draw up this video as a comic or something, you can send that to my twitter also. I love seeing stuff like that in general. Thank you all for watching! I haven’t done a what if type of video in a while, and would love to make more because I like the idea of trying to elaborate on a possibility.

I do think that I’m in the better position to do it now versus my past videos where I’ve done what Another vs other vs others english grammar lesson that I’m a bit shaky is ps1 called psx now. Or well, there’s a lot videos that I did back then that I would love to redo now, but I don’t think people would be too up for that and it would be better for me to just keep moving on forward than to always try to fix up the past.

Though I might fix up a thing What if diavolo got the arrow king crimson requiem speculation to when Click the following article feel like it.

Hopefully I’ll see you all in the next one, until then, peace out and God speed.

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